Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Holiday Workout Plan

Physical fitness is a very important part of my life, and if the videos of my 3 year old self working out to Jane Fonda aerobics videos are any proof, it always has been.  But I have a confession.  Over the past half year I've neglected to stay in shape after a hip injury forced me to lay off running.  My doctor advised me to continue working out in other ways that wouldn't worsen my condition, but I was so frustrated that I couldn't run that I allowed myself to fall into a lazy rut where I didn't work out at all.  Slowly but surely I'm getting back on track with my workout schedule, but maintaining physical health is no easy feat.  So in honor of the most popular New Year's resolution, I figured I'd share my workout plan for an ideal week, keeping in mind that I'm still healing and can't immediately bounce back to the routine I followed prior to my injury.  Do you follow a workout plan and if so what are your favorite workouts to incorporate?

Run 2 miles. 15 minutes of upper body strength training.

Swim or bike for 45 minutes.

Run 2 miles. 15 minutes of upper body strength training.

Rest day.

1 hour yoga class.

Run 3 miles.

Rest day.

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