Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year

Welcome to A Refined Outlook!  While there is a handful of blogs that I absolutely love and check daily, the general idea of blogs seemed somewhat vain so I'd never planned to start my own.  Then the year 2010 happened to me - a year that I have gladly bid adieu to.  Thankfully a bad year ended on a great note, and on a whim I've decided to start this blog in hopes that this will be just the creative outlet I need in the midst of everything else.  This blog will focus on sharing the things that I love with other people - mostly fashion, food, books, and entertainment.  Please enjoy, and happy new year!!

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  1. Also, I'm very excited that you have a blog. I can't wait to read awesome posts. Check mine out at

  2. Thanks :) I'll check it out - I've looked before and must say your hot chick of the week posts crack me up.


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