Friday, March 25, 2011

Liege Waffles

After last week’s vacation and a wonderful weekend visit from my parents, my boyfriend and I were sad to see such an amazing and memorable week come to an end.  But rather than dive back into reality and the hustle and bustle of our lives we decided to end the weekend with a perfectly lazy Sunday.  We had all the makings for our favorite Liege waffle recipe, paired that with bacon and mimosas, stuffed our faces and watched Travel Channel’s best beaches marathon (just to make the end of vacation sting a little more). 

If you’ve ever been to Belgium then you know a good Liege waffle when you taste one, and this recipe delivers.  The waffles turn out light and fluffy on the inside with a caramelized coating from the pearl sugar on the outside.  They are reminiscent of the waffles you pick up on street carts in Belgium and could just as easily be served as breakfast or dessert.  No maple syrup needed. 

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