Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfit Inspiration: Peacock Chic

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One of the most beautiful animals on Earth has to be the peacock.  Their vibrant blues, electric teals, and earthy greens and browns combine to form the most gorgeous color scheme that nature could create.  With nude hues taking over this season, accessorizing with a pop of these peacock-inspired colors will add instant glam to any outfit.  My peacock feather earrings (similar to these) are my go-to accessory when I need to add color to a simple black or taupe dress.  The above eye-popping photos inspired me to style an outfit that showcases the variety of stunning rich colors in peacock feathers without being too literal.  Hope you like!

1.       Asos, $69.93
2.      Max & Chloe, $163
3.      Forever 21, $5.80
4.      Lodis, $158
5.      House of Harlow, $36
6.      Forever 21, $22.80

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