Monday, April 25, 2011


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Spring brings to mind beautiful tulips, barbecues with friends, and positive energy that were all missing over the winter.  However, spring weather is never a sure thing and unfortunately we don’t always get the best of it.  The past week has been touched by so many rainstorms that my excitement for spring began to wane.  Luckily last weekend’s forecast of more storms was entirely inaccurate and I got to enjoy many study breaks outside in the sunny warm weather.  In an effort to prepare myself for the rainy days that are still ahead, I styled a completely waterproof outfit with fun pops of color for a nice spring feel.  Stay dry!

1.       Bubble Umbrella, $23.10
2.      Michael Michael Kors Hooded Trench, $110
3.      Hunter Rain Boots, $125
4.      Furla Candy Bag, $195

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