Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Raise A Brow

Adriana Lima - Spanish Vogue
The times are changing in the fashion world for eyebrows once again.  From thinly plucked in the early 2000s to bushy and untamed in the later half of the decade, the Spring 2011 runways showcased entirely new trends in eyebrow grooming.  On one extreme we have colored eyebrows and on the other bleached, even shaved(!), eyebrows.  Call it eyebrow envy, but I always notice a great pair of eyebrows when I see it.  Never a fan of my blonde brows, practically unnoticeable without horrid eyebrow pencil, I much prefer full, dark and defined eyebrows a la Adriana Lima.  Sadly, colored, bleached, and shaved seems to be the emerging trend.  Hopefully this is one trend that stays on the runways and doesn’t seep its way into mainstream.  What's your take on the old versus new trends?

Lily Donaldson - Harper's Bazaar

Crystal Renn - Harper's Bazaar

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