Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Office Supplies for the 9 to 5

Let's face it...the first full week of work after the holidays is always one of the hardest weeks to get through. After all the holiday fun and parties, visiting with friends and family, sleeping in and rolling out of bed way past your usual wake up call, and relaxing on the couch to the point of feeling guilty, it is a true wonder how we make it through this first week of the new year. Sometimes all it takes to put a spring in your step at work is to surround yourself with pretty supplies that make working fun. Whether you work in a corporate office or from your home, these accessories will quickly turn your workspace into a lux environment. 


  1. I'm obsessed with that letter holder and the bow paperclips (surprise, surprise)! So many cute things

  2. So funny Sarah, I had you in my head when I found those bow paperclips!


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